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Prioritizing Prosecution Over Politics

The current Greene County Commonwealth’s Attorney has been too busy playing politics and working side jobs to focus on criminal prosecutions. His hands-off approach has allowed criminals to plea out and get back on the streets - endangering our families and law enforcement alike. Win Consolvo isn’t interested in playing politics nor doing a side job. He will work hard as our full-time chief prosecutor to ensure that our county is safe and respected.


Experience Matters

Edwin “Win” Consolvo has been making Virginia’s streets safer as a prosecutor longer than Greene’s current Commonwealth’s Attorney has been out of high school.

Win is a career prosecutor with more than 15 years of public service in criminal justice. Win began his legal career in 2003 as a prosecutor in Norfolk, Virginia. While there he successfully prosecuted every type of crime as he successfully prosecuted and convicted major crimes such as sexual assaults, child predators, drug dealers, and murderers. He then served as the Chief Magistrate for Norfolk, Portsmouth, Accomack, and Northampton prior to serving as a prosecutor in Louisa County. This vast experience has equipped Win with the skillset necessary to effectively serve as Greene’s next Commonwealth’s Attorney.



Greene County is an amazing place to live, work, and raise families. However, as with any locality, it is not exempt from acts of crime. This is why a quality, first-class, full-time prosecutor is necessary to work with our Sheriff’s Department to keep our community safe and secure. Win Consolvo will bring experience and a strong work ethic that is dedicated to restoring Greene’s reputation as a community that is tough on crime. Greene County will regain our reputation for a no-nonsense approach to prosecuting crimes within our boundaries and criminals with ill intent will know not to play here.

Greene deserves a Commonwealth's Attorney that works full time hours when they get full time pay from the taxpayers.

Edwin Consolvo will return regular office hours to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office in Greene and guarantees that it will again be open and accessible during normal, full time, business hours.

Greene deserves a Commonwealth's Attorney that respects the solemn privilege and responsibilities of holding a Constitutional Office.

  • Edwin Consolvo will maintain the professional appearance necessary to properly represent the dignity of the office.

  • Edwin Consolvo will restore the professional image of the top prosecutor in the county and will not be known for sitting in court playing on his phone or posting to his webpage.

Greene deserves a Commonwealth's Attorney that shoulders the responsibility of the office.

Our current Commonwealth’s Attorney rarely shows up in court. Edwin Consolvo understands that everything rises and falls on leadership and will personally ensure that cases are prosecuted and crimes are fully punished - rather than leaving this workload up to his assistants.

Greene deserves a Commonwealth's Attorney with experience that can mentor, guide, teach, and advise.

Edwin Consolvo has the life and courtroom experience alike to lead our office to new levels. He will mentor, guide, teach, and advise his staff versus depending on them to mentor, guide, teach, and lead him as is the current situation in Greene.


APRIL 2018

“Dealers will not profit on the misery they bring to our residents and communities…”

-Edwin Consolvo

Source: Consolvo Gets Cocaine Dealer Life Sentence | See Full Story

A Prosecutor That Greene County Can Depend On

With his proven record in the courtroom and no-nonsense approach to fighting tough crimes, Edwin “Win” Consolvo will restore respect to the Greene County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. He will work hand-in-hand with Sheriff Steve Smith to keep our county safe and ensure that Greene is a place that people intending to do others harm will seek to avoid.


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