Experience Matters:

Win is a career prosecutor with more than 15 years of public service in criminal justice. Win began his legal career in 2003 as a prosecutor in Norfolk, Virginia. While there he successfully prosecuted every type of crime from murders to traffic infractions. Win is an experienced trial attorney who has presented cases in both jury and judge trials.

 In 2009 Win was appointed Chief Magistrate for the city of Norfolk. As Norfolk’s Chief Magistrate Win was able to reduce the office’s city budget from more than $100,000.00 a year to around $11,000.00 a year. Based on his successes in Norfolk Win was appointed Chief Magistrate for the city of Portsmouth and the counties of Accomack and Northampton. This was in addition to his responsibilities in Norfolk. In this expanded role Win reestablished relationships with city agencies and the community that had been neglected.

While Win found the role of Chief Magistrate rewarding, he missed being able to speak on behalf of victims of crime. Given this passion Win returned to prosecuting in Louisa County, Virginia. Since this return Win has continued to successfully prosecute those who prey on society. This has included criminals who have sexually assaulted children, drug dealers who profit on the misery of addicts, and murderers.


Win is a professional with a proven track record of ensuring that every case has a just outcome. Win works hard to keep victims, witnesses, and law enforcement informed of the status of their case. A driving factor for Win is that victims concerns are heard and taken in to consideration. Win wants victims to know that they are important and that the problem that brings them to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office are taken seriously.

Win believes in an open door policy and that everyone should have access to their government representatives. Through-out his career Win has a demonstrated history of availability and community outreach. As part of this Win has conducted free trainings to citizens, students, law-enforcement officers, government agencies, and others on Virginia’s criminal justice system. An informed person is better prepared to guarantee the safety of their community.

A Strong Record in Virginia:

I am a native Virginian. Born in 1972 I was raised in Suffolk and attended public schools graduating in 1991. In 1995 I graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and, called to public service in the criminal justice system, I worked supervising juvenile offenders in Baltimore County Maryland. After leaving Maryland I spent time working as an aide for a republican State Senator and served as a Governor’s Fellow in Jim Gilmore’s administration. In 2000, with a desire to be a voice for victims of crime, I began law school at the University of Richmond. After graduation in 2003 I went to work as an assistant prosecutor in Norfolk, Virginia.

I am running for Greene County Commonwealth’s Attorney as an independent because I want to represent all of the citizens of our County. Justice is blind and this position is too important to be caught up in partisanship wrangling. I will represent the entire county and will not be beholden to anyone but the citizens of Greene County.

I believe in a common sense approach to prosecution. Every case is unique and deserves an outcome that is just. The effectiveness of law-enforcement offices, such as the Commonwealth’s Attorney and the Sheriff’s Office, is closely tied to institutional knowledge and relationships with the citizens. When elected my commitment to you is that my entire focus will be on Greene County and I proudly will serve our county for as long as the voters will have me.

I have the experience, ability, and demonstrated history to work closely with Sheriff Steve Smith and his deputies to ensure justice. Together we will send a message to criminals that crime will not be tolerated. We will send a message that criminals should steer clear of Greene County.

Behind every crime statistic there is a real person who has been victimized by a criminal. It is important that these victims have a voice. I will work hard to make sure that their voices are heard and that victims know what is happening with their case.